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Mineral Rights

Our attorneys represent clients with respect to all aspects of owning mineral rights. When oil and gas operators offer mineral owners an oil and gas lease, there are often many complicated terms contained in the lease forms. These terms and provisions result in numerous practical and legal consequences for the mineral owner and the lands they own. It is important that a mineral owner negotiate with the oil and gas operators to ensure that their oil and gas lease include favorable terms affecting the use, development and value of your mineral ownership.


We also represent surface ownership in the negotiation of surface use agreements with oil and gas operators. Oil and gas operations often occupy the surface of land in areas where the surface owner has no ownership of the minerals or oil and gas. Surface use agreements are contracts between surface owners and the operator that define the terms of the operator's use of the surface. These agreements are very important in order to protect and define the interests of both the surface owner and the oil and gas operator.


In addition, we also represent clients in transactions involving the purchase and sale of mineral and oil & gas interests. Our services include the preparation and review of sales agreements and deeds involving these transactions, as well as providing title information or title curative when necessary for a purchase or sale.


  • Negotiating oil and gas leases.

  • Surface Use Agreement drafting and negotiation.

  • Real Estate transactions that involve mineral rights or oil and gas interests.

  • Estate planning, including estates that may include significant mineral holdings.

  • Probate or court proceedings involving complicated mineral rights.

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